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    gyno alert- help

    Hi fellas. i started a new cycle(my 6th) a week ago.
    stats: 6,1` 220lb 10-12bf
    #1-4 dbol 50mg/d
    #1-8 test.e 750mg/w
    #1- 8 eq 500mg/w
    #8-12 test.prop 75mg/d (and not sure what 2 add here.. maybe winny or var)
    #gh 4i.u 5on/2off(started 2 months ago 2i.u way-up to 4i.u right now) with slin 10i.u on lifting days 30d in/30d out.. and 12.5mg t3(starting now)
    #nolva/l-dex combo 10/0.5 ed

    i frontloaded the test(1.5g) at 1st week(bad idea with dbols) and last night i notice a lil pain on my left nipple.
    i was taking nolvas at 10mg/ed for the begining and yesterday i started 0.5mg arimidex /ed. should i bump the nolvas at 40mg(or more) until get-off of pain?? and continue 10/0.5 combo
    *i didnt expect having gyno-probl at 1st week. i guess this caused by frontloading test and taking dbol at some time

    Any criticism/advice/help it would be appreciate

    sorry 4 my english guys


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    The Arimidex should get rid of the problem.

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