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Thread: 3-1 Diet Help

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    3-1 Diet Help

    Excuse me, I know its not the correct forum for this question, but i'd like to reach some o fthe guys who competed.
    Has anyone ever used this 3-1 diet before a competition of for whatever reason. what i sthe proper way to do this diet. To my understanding its 3 days Protein ONLY and 1 day Carbs ONLY..... thats the part that I"m not too sure about. should it be do protein on that 4th day? Please Help.

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    I know some folks who have tried that diet or something similar, but I have never done it.....My understanding of the 3-1 diet is that it is 3 parts protein and 1 part carb each day (3 servings of protein and 1 serving of carbs per meal). Maybe my understanding is not correct, but that's what my friends have done when referring to the 3-1 diet.

    If you do 3 days of protein with no carbs you're going look and feel like s**t. You're muscles will be flat and you'll have no energy for working out.....I wonder if what you're referring to is for the last week only? -- Like a carb depletion plan.....

    For myself, I keep my diet the same throughout my entire contest prep phase including the last week. I'm 5'6", about 230 pounds and keep my protein at 450 grams per day and my carbs at 400 grams per day off season. The only changes I make is to drop my carbs to 250 grams precontest, add cardio, and use cutting AAS cycles...

    Not sure if this helps or not!!!

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    Anyone else, I'm not sure you have it correct either c55.

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