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    jay007 is offline Associate Member
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    To EQ or Not to EQ is the Question

    I am going to running a cycle of
    droal wks1-4 50mg ED
    test e wks 1-15 400mg a wk
    winnie wks 12-17 50 mg ED

    would adding EQ in the cycle at 400 mgs a week for weeks 1-15 make a big difference. or will the winnie and test do the trick. I am looking to put on some noticeable size while staying on the lean non-bloat side...

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    Flynman is offline Associate Member
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    Wouldn't hurt to add EQ to that cycle for 1-15 wks

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    If you are looking to stay on the lean side then I would replace the enanthate with some propionate . Also, adding EQ at 400mg/wk would definitely add some more quality muscle on your frame and the winny should harden you up at the end. If you are going to go with test e, you need to stop the EQ one week before the test e to line up PCT right.

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    BastardBoyFloyd is offline New Member
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    I'd say throw the EQ in the stack, I like it because it increases my appetite and gives me crazy veins. I would use 400-600mg per week too. Good luck.


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    What's your cycle history?

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    frankthetank41778 is offline Junior Member
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    i like eq. used it once and was hard even when i wasn't flexing. also found veins i didnt even know i had. also i think it should be run one week shorter than the test for the pct times to match up. i say do it

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    i agree with what GETPUMPED said..i love eq..the pump is out of this world and your veins will even appear where the sun doesn't sunshine!!

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