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    Making Fina/Ara-test 2500?

    I was thinkin about making my own Finaplex but don't really know where to order the kit from. If you know of any reliable sites for any such things, Id like to know. I really don't like buying stuff online. Also I recently bought a 10 ml vial of Ara-test 2500 and was just wondering if anyones had sick results off it yet. Thanks.

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    Well as far as the Fina i cant help you. But i have used the microtest and ARA, (which are the same thing) personally I didnt care for either, do to the low dosage of prop! Your better of just running the Test E by itself!

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    i just got through running 20ml of aratest 2500 and didn't gain hardly anything . personally in think it is under dosed . its crap.

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