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    prop with primo and winny

    ok i'm going to be doing prop at 75mg ed. i have access to legit primo. i was wondering how much i should do, how often to shoot it and for how long. i was going to end out the cycle with winny with my prop. was thinking of doing the primo at the beggining

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    Depending on the length of your cycle you can run the primo the entire time along side the prop. IMO I wouldn't run it any shorter than 10wks. If you have meth. enth...injections are needed 2X s/wk. Run the winny the last 6wks of your cycle at 50 mg/ED right up to your PCT. Anti-e throughout; nolva on hand; liv52, ALA, or milk thistle throughout as well.

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    anyone else run Prop Primo and winny

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    he bro i have got to tell you i love to do a cycle like that i love those 3 compounds i think this is a good way to do it

    1-12 prop 75mg ed

    1-11 primo 400mg ew

    6-12 winny 50mg ed

    1-12 nolva 20mg ed

    good luck,

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