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    Need Info about my first cycle ever

    Im actually really new to the steroid world and i was hoping for some advice .
    Im about to get on a cycle of Deca -300 and I know its gonna be from a legit source. My question is that Im a 20 yr old college student who has let my self go a lil since Ive worked out in high school ... I have a round 17-20 % body fat on me and I wanted to know if anyone could give me some tips about about cutting my mid section up tight . I know the Deca will add a lot of muscle weight and i plan to do a lot of cardio through out my cycle. So if someone could give me like tips on how much cadio and how often as well as maybe some eating tips. Also Ive been told since im not stacking it with anything that more reps with lesser weight will help me get cut. anything is well appreciated .. thanks

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    Well bro, id first like to say welcome to the board.. you can find alot of info on here.. before you take ANYTHING please read and research this board very well.. some quick advice i can recommend that are obvious...

    most will say dont take any gear until you are at least 21..

    also no test= no cycle. 98% of people who juice will say to NEVER do a deca only cycle..

    the board has many forums, stick around in this one for advice on which gear you want to do and questions surrounding gear, if you have questions about things like diet and workout routines, your best answers will come from those forums..

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    Please don't do a Deca only cycle bro. If you can get ahold of some kind of Test, you can do that on it's own. For diet tips and such, go visit the diet forum. A lot of good info in there. Peace!

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