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Thread: Sustanon

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    Talking Sustanon

    Im just starting a Sustanon cycle sust only. any one ever try this? And what kinda results can i expect from this? Im 6'0" 220lbs

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    it depends on your diet and training bro.. but i gained about 14lbs and kept 11

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    it depends on how much youre taking and for how long. sus is the first thing i ever did. i was 6'2" and skinny! i was about 170-175 lbs. this was 2 years ago and i took only 250mg/week for 6 little weeks. before i left for cancun after that i weighed in at 190 on the dot(which is still skinny). everyone could tell too. girls were constantly complimenting me and i definitely got laid a lot more. then after spring break i stopped working out and lost it all...i was a retard i know. i was probably all waterweight too. i wish i saved my virgin receptors for something bigger and more planned out. the six shots was just what my friend had left over. if youre already 220 you may not see much difference unless you take 500-750mg/wk.

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    I don't know how much you would gain and would actually keep, but I was 195lbs when I started taking sust, deca cycle. Gained 35lbs in 16wks, lost only ten. Right now I weigh 230lbs and am 6'0

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