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    Coming off the sauce

    Im about to start a cycle of sustanon 250 stacked with some winstrol tabs. Im gonna pyramid up the first week with 1cc and the next five weeks with 2cc a week totaling 500mg a week and then of course pyramid back down to 1cc. My cycle will be seven weeks long. Oh and Ill be taking 15-20-mg of winstrol a day for the cycle. My question is how long do I need to wait before starting clomid? I was thinking directly after but doesn't the decanoate stay active for 10-14 days after each injection? I don't want to cut myself short. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and when I start my clomid I was considering doing a three week cycle of clenbuteral. Any comments?
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    sust shuld b shot eod winny should b taken ed at 50mg. i would run the sust for 10 weeks and add the winny in the last 6 weeks. start pct 18 days after last sust shot. also u need to run nolva at 10mg/ed thuout cycle then bump it up to 20mg/ed during pct. i think u shoul wait to start ur cycle and read up on ur shlt, u dont seem to know wut ur doing bro.

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    GP - why don't you try reading some posts and doing some research? It does not sound like you even close to ready to beginning a cycle. Not flaming you, just advising that you slow down, invest the time needed to understand exactly what you are doing. AR has alot of great info and experienced guys that can help you. But, first you need to help yourself. Your very first post comes off more as lazy than inexperienced.

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