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    roids from iran...all iranian experts plz help

    i am iranian by decent (live in canada), planning to visit iran and stay in the family home in SHIRAZ. i need to know how easy it is to get legit iranian products (the infamous test enanthate + the dianabols....ect) from pharmacies, gyms....ect. a very good friend of mine has confirmed that it is readily available in the gyms, but he is not sure about legality issues and pharmacy policies. i know that in iran, AMERICAN dollars does its own work there, meaning i know that everybody has his/her price there (pharmacists, teachers, women...ect). again, i need confirmations. hope to hear

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    i think u get it from pharmacies there i gotta a firend thats stayin in that city right now and he told me its a piece of cake to get juice

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    Even if it is illegal, most foreign pharmacies dont make you provide a script. They just worry about the money.

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    Iran is very fruitfull for test E, Oxy & Dbol . You should be able to buy at pharmacie but if not go to the most hardcore gym, look for the big guy with the most pimples on his back and BINGO. You have scored.

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