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    Prop to kickstart & end?

    Anyone like this method to kickoff your cycle & end?
    Prop everyday for 3 weeks to start & 3 weeks after the last test e. shot?
    Not willing to run dbol at first due to the liver & heard Prop is a solid choice to get your cycle going & helps keep gains at the end.


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    I was wondering about this myself. Its sounds good to me. A Dr. posted here awhile back (..I forgot his name but he posted about PCT and using HCG during cycle...) he recommends to his AAS patients that they taper from long acting to short acting subtances during the last weeks of cycle. It kind of makes sense to me. I would rather kickstart with Prop in first few weeks rather than Dbol because Im an older gent and need to watch the edema, liver, and BP issues. Its weird, but now that Im 50 the estrogen sides can really kick my ass compared to cycling when I was 30. I use anti-Es now but never needed to back then. Im interested in trying the Prop next cycle.

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