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Thread: Tren or Winny?

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    Tren or Winny?

    I was doing research on this forum using the "Search this forum" function and found really interesting profiles about winstrol and trenbolin. However, my questions is w/c is a better hardening agent?

    This is my third year in bodybuilding compeition and I am about to enter my first non-tested show in about 13 weeks and I will be on a few cycles of Clen and cytomel . I would like to be on tren or winny or both so i wont lose significant amount of muscle. I am currently at 215 at about 15% BF so i hope to be at competition condition at around 195lb.


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    tren hands down, but run some kind of test with it. You could also throw in the winny

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    I agree with everything BM said

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