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    qv prop??? and some other questions

    how bad does qv prop hurt ??? all so i have never ran prop before my source has 10 ml bottles of it im not sure what mg they are i think 50mg and 100mg, how many bottles would i need to get to run a 10 week cycle???

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    QV comes in 100 mg/ml, if he has 50mg it is probably Brovel, which is crap. It hurts a bit more than some other labs, if you cut it with something, I.E. Fina, it is much less painful. as far as how much....How much are you going to run a week? You have 1 gram per bottle, do the math

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    well, i am currently doing qv, prop, and have done 2 injections so far,, and the stuff cause sorness for bout 4-5 days my right cheek is still hurting man, and bro if your going to do prop, let me recommend doing eq, and fina with it, and winstrol to , but this depends on how much expirence you have with juice, cause fina can be rough on the body,

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    cut your prop with b12. always have extra as you lose some juice in the pin everytime you shoot.

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