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Thread: Brand Names

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    Brand Names

    hey whats up fellow bro's of the iron. wanted to start a thread regarding your favorite brands. Of course i believe everyone loves the QV. I have recently started using some Animal Power and i have read that all gear made by them is supposed to have some kind of numbing agent for pain. This could come in very handy for winny! ive talked to a few people and i heard that it is more tolerable. Whats everyones thoughts on Jelfa and Jurox?

    Right now in my part of town theres also a big roar about loeffler. the mexican sustanon . people are gettin real good gains at the gym i work at and virtually no sides. Seems to be a good pick.

    I also heard organon tends to break u out more, what do ya'll think?

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    im not sure but i dont think too many ppl are going to give u bunch of there favorite sources. kind of a privacy thing. qv is good though imo, but lately ive been getting mixed reviews.

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