My Sust cycle got messed up thanks to fake Anadrol , so I ended up finding a new close source. All he had at the time in mass orals was Pet's Pharma Dbol , so I thought why the hell not! Started taking it at 30mg, got nothing. Then I bumped it upto 40mg and gained 5lb in water. I noticed that it wasn't even close to as good as QV Dbol (the other mex brand i have tried) in which I gained 15lb in a few weeks. I also started getting a bit of nausea from this stuff, and found it hard to eat. So, I tried deviding the doses in different ways. This stuff just isn't that great. I'm not gaining much of anything, they give me a little nausea, and the feeling isnt nearly as strong as some other Dbols I have taken. Although they are very cheap, I won't ever bother taking these again.