After hearing everyone talk about M1t (it was good, it was S**ty,it was good) I had to try for myself. So started my test and did not start the m1t till week 2. Every was going fine untill the test flu kicked in (let me say the worst test flu that i have ever had) couldn`t do Sh*t missed school sit in bed all day, did not go to the GYM( I know what your thinking didnt go to the gym, yeah and I`m not a pu**y either). Well, after week 4 I still had the flu and usally only last two weeks. I finnaly put 2AND2 together and figured out that it was the (SH*Ty) M1t. So besides being sick all the time i had to deal with not sleeping , I`m talking 3 or 4 hours a night I thought i was going crazy. So after not sleeping i have to deal with beig tired all day, and i can not forget the knees. my knees feel like a freakin 90 year old man , they hurt all day long. One last complaint you cant eat i forced myself to have two shakes and a small bag of popcorn one night ,not even kidding. i lost a few pounds from not eating but my stomach is so bloated i look like ronnie cloeman.
So to anyone that is considering taking this sh*t i hope it helps.And to the people that said M1T was good. i haved leared to listen to the masses.