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    Clen During Cycle...

    Hey bros, I'm 4 wks into a test e only cycle (my first) and I wanted to drop a few % of body fat, without having to lower my caloric intake. What concerns should I take note of before adding clen for a couple of weeks? I did clen alone for 2 weeks, a month before going on this cycle and it went fine.


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    did u read the clen handbook?

    mian thing is to make sure u are taking in about 3-5 grams a day of taurine and extra potassium cause u will cramp up alot during your workiouts

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    Oh yes, I read the handbook and every post on this entire site regarding clen .

    I took taurine and postassium and drank 1.5 gallons of water a day. I only cramped up in the very beginning on clen, but as soon as my water intake was over 1 gallon I was fine. I am concerned a little about cramps though with all of the lifting I am doing now.

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