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    my next cycle...and a couple of questions.

    1-5 prop 100mg eod
    1-16 test e 600mg/week
    1-14 eq/400mg/week
    9-15 winny 50mg/ed (tabs)
    1-16 letro 1.25mg eod
    17-18 prop 100mg/eod (bridge into pct)
    16-30 nolva 20mg ed
    18-30 clomid 300/100/50
    hcg ??

    i dont know exactly when to use hcg. i hated the process of my recovery from the last cycle i was on.. too a long time even with clomid for pct. so this time i will be getting hcg for sure. can anyone lay out the hcg routine for me?

    i was going to use winstrol again to bridge into pct but i figured i used it for 6 weeks in the middle of my cycle thats enough strain on my liver and i just picked prop to fill in. ill also be kickstarting with prop for 5 weeks till test e kicks in. i opted for letro...because all u guys here swear by it that it keeps you dry and from what i been reading so far nolva aint needed with letro. so just to make sure will 1.25 mg eod keep me dry throught my cycle and prevent gyno from 600 mg's of test?

    another thing.. while on hcg.. from wha ti heard people take nolva with it because hcg makes more estrogen.. but i wont be using nolva untill i start pct with clomid.. so would letro work fine while i use hcg in between cycle?
    god i hated recovery last time i came off cycle.. took long enough even with clomid so im throwing in hcg for this one for sure.

    what im looking for in this cycle is a good 10-15 pounds of lean masss ripped shredded look and hardness. most of you would say stick to prop till the end.. but i just want to give myself a break with test e and stress less about eod injections.

    right now im giong to read up on hcg and figure out a how to use it.. please critique my cycle and give me ideas or help me out. thank you.

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    This will answer your HCG questions Hcg usage - 250iu ED throughout cycle? check it out

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