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    Need some big help mixing juice with prohormones...

    Ok this is my deal. I am looking to put on crazy bulk. I was gonna originally do this cycle:

    Week 01-05: Dbol 40mgs ED
    Week:01-12: Test Cypionate 400mgs EW (Shots taken on Mon and Thurs)
    Week:01-11: Deca 300mgs EW (Shots taken on Mon and Thurs)
    Week:01-12: B6 200mgs ED
    Week 01-12: Nolva 10mgs ED
    18 days after last Test shot, Clomid 300mgs on day 1, than 100mgs ED for 30days.

    But since the prohormone ban came up I bought 1-AD, M1T, 2 bottles of Animal Stak, and Animal Test. Can someone please help me add this to my cycle?? I know people say it's a waste of time but I had a lot of success in the past with Animal Stak and I'm really trying to put on ridiculous bulk...I don't even care if some of it is fat. I want to have a completely different body, I want to be as big as I can possibly get. Thanks for your help people.

    I am 5'9/155lbs with 3 years of lifting experience.

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    If you have 400mg of testosterone in your system every week, prohormones aren't going to do anything for you. Save the m1t and do a cycle of just that later though.

    You want to put on rediculous bulk? Come up with a good solid diet and post it up in the forum for critique.

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    what i will say...If you REALLY want to use this stuff during this cycle..use it at the end

    Use them over the 18 days between the last test shot and the first dose of Clomid..

    I believe that animal test/stak formula contain milk thistle... and this should aide you seeing that to use it all in 18 days you'll have to up the dosage above the recommended label dosage scheme.

    On another note.. you could just send em to me

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    Don't waste your time using them while on the real stuff.

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    The only possible thing that would help is the 1ad and you need 600mg-1000mg ed to see any effect from it with all of the roids you have in your system. So just wait.

    or use it while waiting for the esters to clear.

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    Isn't the entire point of PH's to increase your natty level of test? So if you naturaly produce say 50mg /week of test, PH's might make you produce 70mg? (just a guess on the numbers). If you start using PH's mid cycle your test production is shut down completely, so wouldn't that then make PH's completely useless?

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