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    ok how about this

    clen 5-7 tabs a day
    ot 20 mg a day

    i'm not just going to run out and do this this is for a couple of months from now i just want to get some ideas for the future

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    How many mcg are in each clen tab?

    wtf is "ot"?

    Whether your goal is to gain muscle OR lose fat (yes, you should choose one or the other) you aren't going to accomplish either without a proper diet suited towards your goal. We have an excellent diet forum here, you should check it out

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    Pissing on saluu
    He is asking about oral tbol. I like consistancy's stack.
    week 1-10 solid diet
    week 1-10 cardio 4 times per week for 45min in a.m.

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