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Thread: 2nd Cycle

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    2nd Cycle

    Hi bros going to start my 2nd cycle this end of feb so **** it gonna kick ass in my gym ^-^ , i bought Test E 24 amp , anadrol 50 100tabs nolva 60tabs clomid 30tabs and two bottles of HCG 5000IU per bottle .

    Test E 1 - 12 weeks 500mg per week

    Anadrol 50 1 - 6 weeks 50mg ED


    Nolva 2 - 12 weeks 20mg ED

    Clomid 14 - 18 week 50mg ED

    HCG 8 - 16 week

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    No need for the HCG . Why are you stopping the nolva at week 12, you need to run it through PCT to help solidify gains even more. IMO, I would run it like this:

    wks 1-12 test enan 500mg/wk
    wks 1-4 anadrol 50mg ED
    wks 1-12 nolva 10mg ED

    You might want to add some letro or ldex to help reduce any bloat/water retention from the test e and drol. Start PCT two weeks after last injection and bumped the nolva up to 20mg ED for the 3 weeks and take the clomid at 300mg the first day, 100mg next ten days, 50mg next ten days. Good luck bro.

    Note: You can use the clomid at 50mg ED for 30 days (Pheedno's PCT). A lot of bros prefer this way, but both will work well IMO.

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    6 weeks is quite a long time to run anadrol . If your pills are in tablet form you might want to get a tablet splitter and cut them in half to take 2x per day instead of all 50mg at once.

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