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Thread: prop and fina

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    prop and fina

    Ok is the scoop. I have finally gotten back into the gym with some regularity, and am now ready to go back on. I have Fina and Prop. I have been off for about 9 months now, and I am ready to go again.

    I have two concerns.

    1. Should I shoot just the prop for the first few weeks and at what amounts? (My last cycle was 750 test enan every week, but i have been off for so long, I am hoping to drop that down a bit) and how long shoudl I run it, before starting in with the fina.

    2. I want to be on ALL summer this year, but I need a little kick start in the winter. Should I

    a. run a 6 or 8 week cycle with 4 off and then hit it hard in the summer?
    b. start now and carry it through the summer with a little layoff somewhere in there?
    c. something that i am not even thinking about.???

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    prop 100mg EOD with fina 100MG EOD should be fine for you, stay on till you get where u want, (my philosophy), get some nice size/ of luck


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    Great cycle however I would personally run those two urry day. Even if you can handle the sides its wise to come off of fina after 8-10 weeks. My body is spent after a fina cycle. IMO

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