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    Ask the Experts

    Hey Guys,

    I searched the posting to avoid asking the same questions twice with no luck.

    What are your thoughts on the cycle below?

    Test Enathate 500mg/wk 10wks 1cc every 5 days
    Armidex (liquid) 0.5cc every day wk 1-12

    Post Recovery 10 days from last injection
    HCG 1000IU every MWF for 3 Weeks
    As well as Nolvex (20mg 1-2wks),(40mg 3-4wks), (20mg 5-6wks).

    Age 25


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    HCG 1000IU every MWF for 3 Weeks -- wtf who gave you that idea?? thats a ridiculous amount of hcg and totally uncalled for, if i was you, unless your nads shrink to peanuts, i would drop it out all together.

    also why pyramid nolva? are you prone to gyno? are you cutting? and why only take it 6 weeks if so??? it doesnt make sense bro, and its a pretty lame "cycle" if you can call it that, a stack/cycle usually is called that as it consists of more than one compound

    i would rethink


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    whoa thats nasty.... stick around, read and learn why

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