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    adding trenabol to a cyp/abomb/dbol cycle.

    Hey guys, I'm just finishing my second week of a cyp/abomb/dbol 12 week cycle. I have 4 bottles of trenabol depot that I am wanting to add in after week 6. What do you guys think. it will look something like this:

    abomb 75mg/ed 4 weeks
    dbol 50mg/ed 4 weeks
    upjohn cyp. 800mg/week 1-6 week
    600mg/week 7-12 week
    trenabol 500mg/week 7-14

    What do you guys think?

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    If you plan on running Tren too then I would not use Anadrol with it cause of possibly having high progesterone levels. Plus two 17aa together isnt a godd idea and will be pretty harsh on your liver. I would run the D-bol instead.

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    up an ass
    abomb 75mg/ed 4 weeks
    dbol 50mg/ed 4 weeks
    you got a spare liver there??

    i dont see any need to run those two together??

    but cyp 1-12 dbol 1-4 tren 7-12 would be ok but then you still have 2 weeks wait for tren depot before pct so i would do something more like tren 5-12 stop same time as test then wait 2 weeks, then pct


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