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Thread: Fake deca ?

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    Fake deca ?

    I have purchased some 2ml Deca vials, brown bottles with nandrelone on a white sticky label with green writing & square corners that do not peel off easily, they look real are well packaged individually in blue/white boxes. Liquid is even in all bottles and writing and labels are straight, lot and expiry numbers are in different ink and in the information slip inside box the manufacturer is shown as famar sa in Greece and are marketed by a company called K.Mediana, does these sound real ??? Sorry I can't get any pics

    I will be seeing him tomorrow and I haven't paid for them yet !!!

    I am asking as I also got some bulgarian 5mg bionabol (100 tabs) at the same time that I now know to be fake so need to know if I should be giving these back as well...

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    Try runnin' a search in the 'Steroid Pictures' forum.

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