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    need help on newbie cycle

    Hi guys i am a newbie at the steroid game, but am by no means a newbie in the gym. I recently bought some AS from a friend of mine and he gave me a cycle to follow, the cycle consists of 200 bionabol tabs, 9 sustanon amps, 7 deca and 14 winstrol amps. the thing is im unsure about the cycle as i think it may be too much for a newbie, so im hoping for some solid advice from some of u veterans out there on whether it is ok or not, the cycle is below,

    week1-85mg bio, 250mg sust, 1.5ml deca
    week2-145mg bio, 2ml deca
    week3-175mg bio, 2ml deca
    week4-205mg bio, 2ml deca, 250 sust
    week5-175mg bio,1.5ml deca, 500mg sust
    week6-210mg bio,2ml deca, 250mg sust
    week7-200mg winny, 250 sust
    week8-150mg winny, 250 sust
    week9-200mg wiiny, 250 sust
    week10-150 winny,250 sust

    I have not yet got any pct but i would be grateful for any advice you can give

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    Bro, you need to go back to the drawing board. Thats not how to run a correct cycle.

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    I don't know who told you to run your cycle like this, but im guessing he is borderline retarted. Like said above, go back to the drawing board, do a little research with the search button, and you will find the real way to run a cycle.

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    sorry bro but that is a awful cycle... you need about 13-16 more sust amps to do a cycle. Forget about the deca and winny for now, and yuo dont have enough of either also.. . research , type in "first cycle" and read

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    sorry bro but your friend doesnt have a very good idea of how to run a cycle, but at least you posted it here for other opinions first. It sounds to me like he just had some gear to unload and since you are new to the game you, you became the perfect patsy. Spend some time here doing some research and see what correct cycles look like. An example of a good cycle for a first timer is 10-12 weeks of test e or cyp 500mg/wk with proper PCT

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    u need to research more! there are hundreds of threads on newbie cycles, get some more sust and run it 500mg/wk for 10weeks followed by a correct PCT

    First Cycles

    Pheedno's PCT

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    true bro this is not a good cycle even if you had more sus this would be a bad beginer cycle i would try to go for test e or cyp 250mg/week maybe even 250mg of a deca a week

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    thanks alot guys, i will definitly do some more research and get back to u if i have any problems

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