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    Do you have to necessarily "cut" or "bulk" while on an AAS cycle?

    I'm about to do a test e cycle and I really never was into "cutting" or "bulking" i just pretty much eat a healthy diet all year round with a lot of protein and a good amount of calories/fats/carbs with cardio 3-5 times a week, etc. I want to just pack on some lean muscle and is that possible? I really dont want to cut or bulk. Also...whats the best diet for this? Maybe just upping everything slightly and protein greatly?

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    test builds lean mass
    a test enanthate and eq cycle would be ideal for that or if you dont mind injecting everyday your best bet would be a test propionate and eq cycle

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    What does your proposed cycle look like as far as drugs and ancillaries? With that answered, Advice may be easier to give.

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    i dont think so this is what i wrote about my upcoming cycle when someone asked if i was cutting or bulking:

    "I'm not really cutting (as in losing a lot of fat, aka I'm not trying to lower BF%) and I'm not really bulking (as in not worrying about fat gain, just trying to get huge by an means necessary). Basically I wanna add solid lean mass while staying relatively around 11% BF, but wouldnt care if I gained 3-4 pounds of fat."

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    Check out the diet forum for "gain lean muscle mass" diets.

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    Fina/prop would be the best choice for a lean muscle cycle, but it can be done with test e

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    I do the same thing when I'm on AS. I don't eat massive quantities to try to gain as much weight as possible. I do try to eat lots of protein rich foods and I drink one protein shake every night before bed. But I am 5'5" and weigh 180 to 190lbs. (my weight has always fluctuated a lot) If I were to try to gain like 20 lbs while on cycle, I'd be a blimp.

    I always like to do my cycles to gain more lean muscle and try to an even swap of fat and muscle if possible. I do usually get to around 195 at the end of a cycle though.

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