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    Price of steroids tests

    I was just looking at a site and it showed what they look for in drug testing and how much the test cost. It look like the test cost $98.50 so it's not as much as I thought they were but still a little money. This test here seems to be very picky though for the price. I got this from a benching and deadlifting organization called WABDL.


    Any lifter who does not show up for drug testing when his/her name is called, forfeits any record(s). Names will be announced just prior to or during trophy presentations. All lifters who set any kind of records incur the possibility of being called for a drug test and no record setter should leave the venue until trophy presentation is over and those names selected for drug testing have been announced. Saying you didn’t hear your name called is not acceptable, and the lifter will forfeit his/her record if (s)he doesn’t report for the testing.

    WABDL tests for steroids , clenbuteral, and speed as well as for abnormally high testosterone levels and TE ratios. It does not test for anything that is available over the counter such as Norandrosterone or the various 19 norandros. However, if a lifter has an abnormally high testosterone level even in the presence of the 19 norandros compounds, (s)he will fail the drug test. Lifters should be aware that use of over-the-counter norandros may cause a lifter to fail a drug test and thereby be cause for the lifter to be suspended by WABDL. Abnormally high T.E. ratio is also a reason for failing, and unusual suppression of testosterone, (for example negative readings is due to “steroid ingestion” according to Aegis Labs in Nashville, Tennessee) will also be a reason for failing. “Ephedrine or any legal, over-the-counter stimulant is allowed but not recommended because of harmful side effects.

    Any lifter can challenge another lifter to take a drug test as long as that lifters is in his/her division. The lifter who challenges another lifter must also be tested, and (s)he has to pay for both tests. Tests are $98.50 each.
    WABDL will pay for drug tests at all meets.
    Names of lifters who fail drug tests will not be publicized. However, if a lifter fails a drug test, (s)he automatically will lose any record (s)he may have set in the contest and will be suspended for one year. The next contest the lifter enters, (s)he will be automatically tested again. If two drug tests in a row are failed, (s)he will be suspended for life.
    A lifter will need to stay in the drug-testing room until a urine sample is collected, regardless of the length of time it takes.
    Any lifter who has flunked a drug test in any other federation, will automatically serve a one-year suspension in this federation unless the test involved over-the-counter products ( pro hormones, caffeine, etc.).

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    To actually determine for certain if you're on it costs a lot more than that. Most of those cheap tests usually come back inconclusive.

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    so it takes a special test instead of a regular drug screen.

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