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Thread: QV Anadrol 75

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    QV Anadrol 75

    J/W how much QV Anadrol 75 goes for per pill and if they are any good. also how many should be taken and if anyone has a picture please do post. thanks

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    Click the search button and type in qv anadrol 75. I posted a pic of some back in september and it comes up in the search along with other peoples posts with lots of info. As for price that can vary big time depending on where you live, buying from a gym source? etc.

    Most will start off with 50mg/day

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    I had to take 2 of the 75's (150mgs) for it to feel like 100mgs. I have taken plenty of anadrol before, Turkish Anapolans being the Gold standard. A bottle of 100 can range from $150-$350. Depends on where you get it. If your going for anadrol, Id suggest BD, as my favorite Anapolans are hard to come by.

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    $200 for 100. I need 2 a day to feel anything.

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