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    hgh customs delay uk help veterans

    paranoid man oh manna, Basically ive been buying HGH ansomone direct from manufacturer. no problems with first three packages arrive in 3 -4 days without a hitch. cool stuff. but this time its been delayed at international hub.

    parcelforce delivery ar being unhelpful. saying theres no way i can find out what the delays about saying helpful hints like perhaps its something illegal!!!
    har, a mere 108 nothing to suggest dealing help veterans

    need a backup plan. should i quickly get doctors script will customs ask for it

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    up an ass
    you should receive it, sometimes gets held up for a couple of weeks even, Royal mail are sh1t thats for sure, if the tracking reports as in the country and then doesnt seem to move and no one knows where it is, then probably at mount pleasant, however in my experience, i very much doubt they will take it off you, probably receive it opened, just hopefully they realise that it has to be cold, mind you at this time of year, you should be ok


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