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    Differance in gains

    I can't find anywhere what the difference in gains might be for
    EQ and winny
    Test E and EQ

    Will one be more of a lean mass with lots of definition and the other just make you big ??help??

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    Diet will do that and make sure you have test as a base for your cycle. Now Now, you just apologized for asking without researching if you type in eq and winny cycle see hundreds of threads for you to sift through.

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    Eq and winny you will cut alot. I would suggest the eth and eq, gain quality mass.

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    mesomorphyl, i know but i was looking for exactly what rhino 58 said and i couldn't find a direct comparison like that

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Do not run EQ and winny without a base of test.

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