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    Question HELP I have to leave town for Funeral !!!

    Hey bros
    I just started my cycle and I am taking Prop which I shoot EOD. Well I had a death in the family and I need to fly tomorrow and I am going to be out of town til monday. (Friday to Monday.) I am taking a shot tonight of my prop but I am going to miss my Saturday injection unless I can figure out how to get it on the plane with me. This seems sort of risky. Its a domestic flight. What do I do. Will my levels get way out of hand by going 3 days in between my prop shots instead of one?



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    Ive never tried it... but Ive seen alot of threads about different ways people sneak their gear around. Type in "airplane" or "flying" in the search button, you will get your info alot faster and alot of different methods for trying it.

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    ive brought gear wit me all the time on short flights. as long as its checked u should b fine. i just put it in my socks or something so it doesnt break. and its not bigdeal if u miss a shot by a coupl edays just do it when u get back if u dont wanna bring it wit u.

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