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    Question on Frontloading!

    I was wanting to know the board members opionions on frontloading? Previous experience with it, good or bad? The reason why I am asking is can I get a kick start into my cycle? I'm going to be starting in March, and know for sure that I will be running for at least 18wks. You can see my next cycle in AR-R Questions and Comments, titled Lion's Help! The only thing that I have added for sure is after my last shot of Test Enanthate , I will run Test Propionate for another two wks. Then start my pct. as planned. Should I run ED injection the last two wks or EOD. I let you guys decide.


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    I am in my 3rd week of my cycle of test, and lemme tell you, ill reccomend frontloading to anyone. I am doing 500mg of enan/week, and i did 1000 the first week. I was seeing minor results (mostly water, some strength definately tho) after a week.

    I did notice my nips got puffy, and wish i had done 10mg of nolva ED instead of EOD during the first two weeks, but im fine now.

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    some do it some dont, why not just add an oral...?

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