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    Dec 2003

    Ok boys ready to start my 2nd cycle tommarow

    1-12 500mg/test week
    7-14 50mg anavar /day

    1-14 10mg/nolva day
    1-12 .25 armi. day

    pct w/ clomid, extra nolva on hand incase

    My questions:

    I just got my final item today, so I'm going to start tommarow

    1) If i do a saturday injection, would how would my schedule look weekly? should I shoot saturday and wednesday?

    2) Should I jumpstart this cycle with another oral? (seems a bit excessive) if not how effective is frontloading the cycle? i have a few extra amps at my dispoal..

    thanks bros..

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    Oct 2004
    Looks good to me...what type of test you are running? If you are running prop dont worry about it. But if you are using test E or test C go with Dbol the first 4 weeks. Good luck on your cycle.

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    Canada Ehh...
    inject every 3.5 days, no need for another oral and dont frontload

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    Happy to see two things.
    1. A guy who isn't bumping up to 750 mgs just because.
    2. He's waiting to have everything in hand before starting.

    Good luck bro. Your doing everything right so far so I am confident you will grow nicely. Go kick the shiet out of that iron!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dive_kid
    inject every 3.5 days, no need for another oral and dont frontload
    y not front load? u should check out the post in the educational forum it has to do with frontloadin, really interesting read!

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    nah, u don t need that d-bol- just because u don t feel the effects of test the first 3 weeks, doesn t mean it s not working.

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