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    Help setting up end of cycle

    ok i am currently entering week 5 of my Fina Prop cycle now

    100mg prop ed
    75mg fina ed

    Adding winny week 7-12 and cutting out fina at week 10.

    my question is this.. I am looking to do T3 and clen . do some final shredding up. now i planed on the 12 weeks and then pct, now i have been reading i should use t3 while on test to help prevent catabolic properties from occuring. can someone lay out an idea for me to do with the clen and t3.

    fina 1-10
    prop 1-12
    winny 7-12

    thats basically my cycle lay out now, along with tamox and letro if i needed it.

    I can add more prop and fina maybe make it a 12 fina 14 week prop cycle and add t3 in there??

    Any feed back would be appreciated..


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    well t-3 does eat a muscle, so it should be run with test.
    as for fina I dont know. do a search for some of mallets
    threds. he has a lot of great info on t-3

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    You could run 4 weeks of t3 at 50-100mcg through the last of your cycle like weeks 7-10 and then during pct run your clen (helps with catabolism). That would be my suggestion based on two weeks clean before hitting clen during pct.

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