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    test side effects

    im about to run my 2nd cycle, i ran denkall test-400 at 400mg ew for 10w for my 1st cycle. my question is, for my 2nd cycle i will be running 500mg test-e ew for 12w, but its a UGL not mex lab. im curious, will my side effects be similar to my 1st cyc, without considering the up in dose and the cleanliness of my gear, will my body be "used" to the elevated test levels, like the 1st cycle may have been a shock to my system, will this cyc be basically the same as far as sides, my gear will be cleaner, but im running more and it will be my 2nd

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    No one can really predict what will happen during your cycle. You can take all sides to a minimum if you use proper PCT and anti estrogens. And no, your body wil never be "used" to your test levels being that high. Simply, your body wasnt made to have that much testosterone in it. I think it is smarter of you to run about 100 more mg's a week cuz, after all, you are no longer a virgin to test, but definitely not used to it. Good luck with your cycle. By the way, what are you stats, diet, goals?

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    it is possible to develop a tolerance to androgens

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    It all depends, but most likly your sides will be the same!

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