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  • Yes, my doc knows what I'm taking, does blood work looks out for me while on cycle

    3 37.50%
  • No, my doc doesn't know what I'm taking but I still get him to do my blood test

    2 25.00%
  • I dont have a doc looking out for me nor do I get blood work done while on

    3 37.50%
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    Jan 2005

    I'm wondering....

    How many of you have a doctor watching out for you while on cycle? or get blood work done. Any interesting stories about either....
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    I do, he knows I take gear. He doesnt like it and tries to lecture me but he knows its falling on deaf ears but he is happy enough to do any tests I want and watch my BP etc

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    my doc knows it. he doesn t like it but obviously stopped trying to educate me, cause I know a lot of that topic.

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    not where I want to be
    I get the bloodwork done before a cycle, and if something goes wrong then I go to the doc and tell him. After the cycle I get bloodwork again but usually its back to close to normal so they don't ask. however, if my doc ever asked me why I thought my levels may be off I wouldn't hesitate to tell them.

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    no havnt told doc droped a hint a while ago asking for some guidence before i take them and he went off on one so im looking for a new one.

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    My Doc know im taking AAS he doent know exactly what im taking.... but I get my blood test done frequently... its free

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