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    Putting Prim in this cycle?

    I have been tinkering with my up coming cycle, but i got it down to this. my question is do you guys think i should throw some primo in this

    Test Enth 1-16 750mg
    Eq 1-16 400mg
    Igf-1 1-5 20mcg
    Test Prop 14-20 100mg ed
    Winstrol 14-20 50mg ed
    Tren 14-20 75mg ed

    Nolv., Hcg , Clomid

    I could add 25mg of primo to this you guys think it is worth it?

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    well, if it's 25 mg of primo acetate per day via your mouth it's useless. oral absorbtion rate is about 10-15% tops. That means you'd be getting 2.5 - 3.75 mg of primo into your system every day. That's not much.

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