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    max dose of tren

    Whats the max safe/normal bb dose of tren , im going to run 700mg a week with 2 grams of test. Whos did a higher dose and got good results. I did 375mg a week w/1500 of test enanthate and it worked great

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    thats a lot of gear.....make sure you eat a lot of protein..your synthesis will be might want to overload the dygestive ensymes as well....get more protein in the pretty sure anything over 100mgs a day of tren is getting fairly toxic.....then again pros do it in grams...goodluck

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    I pyramided up from 100mg to a max of 425mg tren ace day over a 4 week period.

    The only side effects i got was mood swings, and back pumps. The results at such a high dose were not that great...but I find that 250mg day is a great dose for me. Best of gains and not too many side effects.

    I definately think though that tren should really be run in bulking cycles, as it really needs alot of calories to work to its potential.

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