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Thread: Anavar ??

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    Anavar ??

    I am going to run anavar from march til may before my cycle starts in mid may.
    i have access to british dragon and ttokkyo var.
    my question is how many mcg should i be taking daily and which brand should i use. I am 5'11" about 195 lbs
    thanks for the help

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    Ive used the british dragon, and i started at 20mg 20mg 30mg 30mg 40mg 40mg for six weeks, I was runing tren /prop with it also, and loved the combo. Hardness was sick, and my strenght went through the roof

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    I am currently running 30mg ed with 100mg masteron eod and 50mg of winny ed. just started mon I will update with a later thread.

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    why are you running it before your cycle? id hit no less than 40mg ed for 6 weeks.

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