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    Bro's, day by day there seems to be another deca only cycle, or var only, or primo, eq etc etc. All because they state they have adverse reactions to test e in their cycle.
    Isnt it quite possible with the majority using ugl and shooting E3D or E4D that they are seeing bad sides and could remedy it by try shooting enan EOD to make sure.
    Just a thought before too many ppl keep test out of their cycle for the wrong reasons. Any thoughts, just trying to contribute my 2.

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    Additionally, here are quotes from some trusted bro's on this board regarding prop ed vs eod.

    I'll tell ya I am running prop @ 100mg ED and there is a big
    difference in how I feel compared to when I have ran it EOD or E3D,
    I feel much better mentally and physically with the ED injections.

    It's how the ester release the hormone into the blood stream

    2 weeks into my first prop cycle I switched from EOD to ED
    injections and will never inject EOD again. There is a tremendous

    I know when I shoot Prop EOD I get more acne, higher bp causing me
    to sweat more, more water retention...
    When I shoot ED I get no sides at all at the same dose cut in half
    for ED injects.. in my mind that points to more stable blood
    levels. I even shoot Enanthate EOD because I find I get less sides
    and I'm just more comfortable in general while on.

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