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Thread: anavar stacking

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    anavar stacking

    from my understanding of var,
    i get the feeling that it can make muscle more dense and give a good quality to it

    some time in my future for my 2nd cycle, i think i might stack it in with some stuff

    itd be a basic 10 week cycle, consisting of...

    w2-11 500mg test E/week
    w1-10 300mg deca durabolin /week
    w1-4 test prop 75mg/ed
    w4-11 anavar 40mg/ed
    along with
    w3-13, 500IU HCG /week (250 on mondays and thursdays)
    w1-13 1.25 letro EOD
    clomid starting week 13-16, 300mg, 100mg for 2 weeks and 50mg for 2 weeks
    w13-17 nolva, 40mg ed for first week then 20mg ed
    and probably going to use dostinex as well

    my question is

    will stacking the anavar in there help me dramatically increase the density and quality (and potential maintainability) of the size/strength i get from the test and deca ?

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    I've never used Var, I'm about to do a Var Only @ 60mg/ed for 8 weeks. But I'll bump because I'd like to know the answer to this also..

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    jumpty bumpty

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    people are different.. for me it ripped the crap out of my forearms..

    they've always been big, but i love var.. for me it works like winny only i get alot of strength from the var..

    if you are feeling lucky..

    try 50mg var 2-8
    50mg dbol 1-4
    I know two orals at the same time is never a good thing.. but it is a good time..

    and 500-1000 test at the same time
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