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    Another gyno question...

    This may seem like another typical gyno question, but it has been bugging me. Up until the current cycle of test e and dbol I am taking, I have just used M-1-T. I used m1t a year ago without pct b/c I was dumb and didnt know any better. Ever since then I have noticed a slight puffiness in my nipples, and it always looks like I have freakin hard nips when i wear a thin shirt. I noticed tonight however, that when I was standing up with my shirt off my nips were almost normal with nothing out of the ordinary, and no puffiness. Is this normal with a slight case of gyno that puffiness would go away somewhat throughout the day? Any help would be much appreciated. thx.

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    If there isn't actually a hard lump formed beneath you nipples or if you aren't lactating, you really don't have to worry about it.

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    when its cold, the puffiness goes away. As yongslug said, unless their is an actual hard lump, you dont have gyno. You may have psuedo gyno, which is just estrogenic fatty deposits around the nipple, which could have resulted from low test after not doing proper pct.

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