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    tx.. everything is bigger

    Exclamation first cycle, any advice would be appreciated

    this is my first time to do a cycle. so i've tried to research it as much as possible, but any advice from first hand experience or just general knowledge of the matter would be extremely appreciated

    a good friend of mine has recommended that i do 200mg of deca /week for 10 weeks concurrent with nolva as an anti-estrogen and then followed up by clomid for a post cycle. i am not too sure on the exact amounts and frequency for the nolva and clomid, although i am going to ask him for his advice on those as well. i am not a competing body builder or am i looking for outrageous gains, but i am a dedicated lifter and

    comments, adjustments, modifications, or warnings anything to help

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    Deca only=bad

    200mg deca/week=too low

    500mg Test Cyp/week=Good

    10 weeks 500mgs of Test Cyp or Eth, with nolvadex on hand. Followed by PCT starting week 13. A simple search will help you find out proper PCT.

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    Dude, I took Deca only and I had pretty good gains. I was happy and people definetly noticed. And I defenitly didn't have any problems with my cock. I actually had great sex while on Deca only. It depends on what you want. If you want to blow the hell up then take Deca along with test like all these fools are telling you about. I personally didn't want everyone and their grandma knowing I was on the juice. Everyone's body is different. I took 200mg a week but I wish i would have thrown in a couple of 400 or 300mg a week. Maybe by about your 6th week do 400 a week. Be sure to eat lots of protein (about 1 and a half grams to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight), drink lots of water, use inch and a half needles, push the juice in slow, and work out your legs like a son of a bitch. Legs are very important for the rest of your body to grow.
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    The best first cycle hands down is Test -e 300mg a week.

    Its best to start with a simple cycle to see how your body reacts to it. i reccomend a lower doses like 300mg becouse your new to gear and jumping str8 in to the higher mg is not the way to go IMO.With that dose you will(If your diet and training is in order) gain a good amount of lean mass. But if you just want to get bigger sooner then atleast run 300mg for 3 weeks then if your happy,up it to 500mg . Just remember to do as much research as possible and if you do a cycle make sure you have PCT in order.

    Good luck
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