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    Things I learned during two cycles

    Good day,

    This is in no way a guide. With only two cycles, Iím still learning. I made a lot of post and Pm stupid questions but hey seeking knowledge and mass.Just thought I would pass along a few points gained the hard way.

    Iím about to turn 37 and will soon start another tren & test run. Once on will post stats and pictures of progress. Thanks for the answers and feedback to my post and pmís.

    • PCT on gear on hand. Not in the mail.
    • PCT gear on hand
    • Tren-only great for some but not for me. Encountered fina-dick with the wife BAD very bad.
    • When filtering tren never rush, you will find out what it tastes like when it shoots across the freaking room.
    • Order more Whatman filter you will need them.
    • Order more vials you will need them.
    • Order enough pins for your cycle.
    • You can break a whatman.
    • 4 ad cypionate injected works pretty d** good! For a pro-h
    • Adding more BA just to be safe is bad very very bad!!!
    • Donít draw from a vial with an 18 gauge. Little chunks of stopper in your vial Kind of bad.
    • For me I should have told my wife. She came out and confronted me. I went from average build to ripped in a short period of time. Tren is great!!!!
    • More tren is not always better. I started at 150ED had a crap load of sides, backed it down to 50ED and this worked great.
    • Do your research with slin. I started day one with 6 iuís, went hypo sweating blurred vision ect. Slin will work but can kill you very easy.
    • I came off cycle with poor PCT use and lost a lot of gains from my first cycle.
    • Drinking heavy with gear is a great way for your body to remind you where you kidneys are located. ( I know why the mod and vets say no alcohol)
    • Not all Syno solutions are the same. Do your research. My first syno conversion was bad (I think) after week and a half of use. I too joined I have gyno thread.
    • Nova will get rid of the symptoms, but if I used it during cycle never would have encountered symptoms.
    • Tell no one. Its weird other ďdarksidersĒ will see you and know. I found this out at the pool. I will never tell any non users again about use. Next time I use 4000 calories a day blah blah ect.
    • Test turned my hair freaking grey. At least I think it was the test.
    • The hardest part on cycle for me wasnít working out. It was eating enough.
    • Uses a scale donít guess when brewing.
    • Acne at 37 Ughh.
    • TREN is the greatest stuff on the planet
    • Never try to say your natural because your off cycle and using slin and creatin (to another darksider)
    • You cannot purchase pins over the counter in PA
    • You cannot purchase Humalog without a prescription in PA
    • When benching with out a spotter I found out itís a good thing to unclip one side of the weights. Dropped 250 on my chest.
    • Never leave chrome weights outside. I live in a very nice area but somebody still walked with my curl bar set.
    • For me rage was real!!!
    • Between AR and this board I found a lot of my questions answered
    • If you keep you slin in the fridge make sure your mother-in-law doesnít find it. Had to use thatís a friend of ours.
    • Pro-hís will never come close to real gear. Before the darkside I used most of the major pro-h stuff.]
    • In the vernacular of my ten year old. This board rocks!!!
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