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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    guys i need help to decide whats the best cycle for me. Ive taking a couple small cycles in that past such as a 10wk test ent cylce , a 10wk Sust cycle. My last cycle was in Aug it was Test ent 250 and Deca 300 10wks. I gained 23 pounds. Im 6'4 200 lbs and about 5% body fat. Im very lean it comes natural i have a very fast matabalism. Need a big cycle to bulk up.

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    best bet would to do a search for bulking cycles then lay a proposed cycle out and post it to have guys pick it apart. a good all around cycle is:
    wks1-4 dbol 30mg/day
    wks1-15 test e/cyp 750mg/week
    wks1-12 deca 400mg/week
    it all comes down to diet to make it a bulker, read up in the diet forums. the cycle i listed is good u could add more in or change it around a bit.

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