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    Progressive Cycle Overhaul

    I had an idea of a progressive dose 34 week cycle (pasted below) in order to overcome receptor saturation, but after logical advice (thanks buff87), I realize one must trick the body with the chems just like you do with your training...

    To that end, do any of you have good results in medium lenght cycles and can you advise on some specific timetables/doses that I might change this cycle to keep gains going past week 15 or so? I currently have TestE, EQ, TrenE, HGH (6-mo's), and HCG for little buddies. I homebrew, so future cycles could have other AS, but this is all for now.

    EX: *12weeks TestE/EQ high dose then two off with only EQ then back on?
    *15 TestE/EQ med dose then one off with nothing but anti-e's?
    *Add TrenE at end or run all three throughout?

    1-6 500mg/wk Test E
    6-14 575 mg/wk Test E
    14-24 650 mg/wk Test E
    24-34 725 mg/wk Test E

    1-14 400mg EQ/wk
    14-34 500 mg EQ/wk

    15-23 500mg TrenEnath/wk
    24-30 600mg TrenEnath/wk
    *During first week of PCT start 6 months HGH (Jinotropin) 2iu/day

    Liq Arimidex .5mg/day
    Liq Nolva 20mg/day

    HCG 500 iu's Sat/Sun wks 5/7/9/11/13/15/17/19/ 21 thru 34
    PCT Clomid /Nolva

    Corn fus'in 'aint it.
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    I'd keep the dosage constant and run 75-100mg of proviron halfway through to lower SHBG. During longer cycles your hormones get bound up, your receptors do not get "saturated". By incorporating proviron it will give you more free hormones for your body to use.

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    joevette is correct, your hormones get bound up in long cycles. I have had this happen to me before, gains started to really slow down then they stopped all together even with increased dosages, I would imagine proviron would help. I am toying with the idea of running cycles and bridging with 100mg-150mg test to keep test at the high end of the natural range then starting a cycle again. I think this should help keep gains and keep new gains comming.

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    I'm not sure running tren for 15 wks. is such a good idea. Maybe do 2 shorter cycles of test/tren and bridge w/ eq. between.

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