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Thread: Sore Nipples

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    Sore Nipples

    Im a 23 year old male. I took a month of methyl 1-test with 4-ad, to end cycle i would take estrodex anti estrogen. Prior I have done similar cycles giving about 1-2 months off-cycle. I have gotten excellent gains, but now im trying not to take any for a few months, ive been off now for about a month and a week but recently my nipples have been very sore, and feel erect almost all the time. Even if they are hit with some pressure I get a sharp pain. So I started my estrodex again this week. Being paranoid of geno(bitch tits) or even something else. I should add that this just happened out of the blue. My ? is has this happened to any of you before and am i being paranoid or any info would help me out thanks

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    Nolvadex at about 40mg ed until your nips become normal..

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