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Thread: deca/winni?

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    Question deca/winni?

    I am on the 6th week of my deca /winni cycle. I'm taking 300mg of deca/week for 8 weeks and I just started the winny today of which I will be doing 25mg/day for six weeks(I know that's a low dosage). I have gained a tremendous amount of strength from the deca but have not seen a good cange in size(I've gained two pounds). When will I start to see a change in size from the deca, and at what rate will I see this change?? Oh yeah, and I've been eating about 3,000-3,500 calories/day and at least 200g of protein.

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    your protein should be around 400g and the deca kicks in around the 4th or 5th week. So you should be feeling it right now. Also deca give you a lot of water weight so i dunno why you only have gained 2lbs???

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    You should be stacking deca with test my friend. Deca by itself is not going to give you the gain in bodyweight you're looking for. And neither will the Winny. Next time try the classic Deca, Test and either D-bol or Winny tabs approach. 400mg deca weekly, 400mg test cip/ent and 30mg to 40mg a day for the orals for the first 4 to 6 weeks. That'll put some mass on you. Oh and deca by itself will not make you retain very much water on the other hand the test and D-bol will. Good luck

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    just be patient. strength usually comes first. size will follow.

    also you should have added some test to that cycle to better potentiate the deca and winny.

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