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    Red face Thinking of supervised steroid use

    Hello everyone,

    Interesting site. I am a 24 year old male. I am a VERY thin individual who has crohns disease. I have always been thin, and it has always bothered me. The most I can remember wieghing is like 155lbs and I am nearly 6 feet tall. Now, long story short for the last year ive been at about 140lbs after a low of 120 lbs from a stint in the hospital - I have spoken with my doctor about gaining some wieght and the option is there for me to take anabolic steroids . However, I am curious as too how long the gains can last ? I have yet to talk further about this with my doctor I wanted to research it as we did talk about possible side effects and what not. I am not looking to get huge, like im sure alot of you are, if I could get up to 165lbs id be one happy dude anything else would be a bonus. My question is once I gain this weight and I stop taking the steroids, if im still in good health start drinking a supplement and take in say at least 3k calories each day and continue to work hard will it be possible to maintain the gain ? Does everyone lose ALL of the gains, or do some lose alot some less, etc... Any help or info would be appreciated. I follow up with my doc on the 25th. I am asuming id have the best stuff in a moderate dosage

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    Maybe you should ask your doctor about a long term hormone replacement therapy program.

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    Canada Ehh...
    well from personal experience I can put on 20lbs in a cycle and keep 15 or so.
    that is with a good pct. also diet and trainning makes a huge difference.
    if you train real hard when you come off and keep eating well you should be able
    to keep most if not all gains.

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    Hey, I have Crohns...I'm 29 years old and was 135 pds. 5'10 when I was 18. At around age 24 I started lifting. I only gained about 5 pounds in my first two years lifting, but could tell my muscles were stronger, it is so hard to gain weight with Crohns. In the last 3-4 years I have done several cycles and now weigh 170, which I am now trying to break naturally, but again having trouble gaining. Anyways, I gained 30 pounds altogether and have not lost any of it, train hard, eat double what you normally should and take protein like its your job. With Crohns you really only absorb probably 1/2 of what you take in-or it feels that way. If your doc will prescribe AS then I would do it, also talk to him about Growth Hormone , it actually helps heal the intestine and you gain sick muscle mass and burn fat. good luck man...

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