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    I don't know if this belongs here or not, but i'll try. In my opinion, this is the best site i've ever been to those who do what we do, train hard. but does anyone chat on other boards? I'm just wondering cuz I was checking out a couple different sites, and the mods and admins only have like 200 post, and vets have like 20, and there giving ref checks and stuff. just seems kinda funny, like maybe they have a vested interest in ug labs and trying to boost biz w/ there own site/board. are there any other sites/boards that this board would back/suggest? again, sorry if this doesn't go here, maybe ar lounge, but i wanted the opinion of the bros i see post most frequently. peace - SnB

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    a lot of people on this board post at other sites. and alot of people here are mods and vets at other boards (that arent mods or vets here)

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